Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sample of The Good Speech Topic

The Repairing System In The Merak Harbor
Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen
Nowadays, transportations become very important thing to make accelerate economic system in the world. If the transportations getting in a problems, who comes to get hurt? The Countries? The government? The people? Every body in this world will be get hurt if one the tools of economic system in problems. Today, I’m going to talk about the problem in the Merak harbor. I will discuss about the causes of truck queues at the Merak harbor, as well as the impact caused by the truck queue. Further I will make a conclusion what I have talk about, and then open question and answer session.
I’ll start with the causes. Media Indonesia says : Truck queues that occur at the Merak harbor caused by many things, among others are: First, because increasing amount of cargo, where there is an increase demand by 11 %. The second because declining number of ships ready for operation, at that time 2 units ship suffered technical damage and 7 units of ships conducting the annual docking, thus, from 33 units of Ro-ro ships in the cross-Merak-Bakauheni only 24 units available on the track. Third, because the age of ships in cross-Merak - Bakauheni average is very old, aged 10-20 years there are 6 ships, 20-30 years there are 15 ships and more than 30 years old there were 12 ships. And finally, the cause is due to the strong winds accompanied by high waves, causing decreased services.
Now the impact. Media Indonesia says : the impact caused by queuing trucks in the Merak harbor, among others: late delivery things from Java to Sumatra, this causes declining quality of an item even broken, for example vegetables and fruits, this affects to consumers  they will not to buy it, and result is the traders losing money. And rumored that the national transport entrepreneurs (Organda) suffer losses IDR. 1.5 billions daily.
And the conclusion is, truck queues that happen at the Merak harbor caused by several things, there are : increasing the load, damage to the ship because it was old, and also because of bad weather. This disaster get hurt various parties, from business to consumers, from the people to government. Therefore, my recomendations is the government should to solve this problem as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention. Are there any questions? I would like to answer by my pleasure.

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