Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sample of The Good Speech Topic II

Discourse of Independent President Candidate in Indonesia
Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen
If you become the Mr. President in the future, what will be in your mind? Busy? Rich? Famous? .Ok! Today, I’m going to talk about discourse of independent president. Firts, I will talk about pro-contra about this problem, and then I’ll also talk about the disadvantages about that. Further I will make a conclusion what I have talk about, and then open question and answer session.
First, I’ll start with the pro-contra about this problem. says : Discourse of independent president candidate re-emerged in the Indonesia political in pre-election 2014, this discourse had appeared before, when the election president and vice president in 2009. In one side, the discourse of independent president candidate will improving the quality of democracy and also the level of community participation in Indonesia. While the other one says that the discourse of independent president candidate will only destroy the existing democratic order in Indonesia. And this debate make a confused to public.
And then, says : the nomination of the President independent also have many weaknesses. Weaknesses include: First, Independent Candidate must work harder, because absence of an institution that can support them, the independent candidates work alone to win her own without the help of political parties because candidates are not supported by any political party. The second, if later elected, it will be difficult for independent candidates to run the wheels of government because the opportunity for the Parliament which is a collection of political party members to tackle government policy. The third, Independent candidates will have difficulty in competing with candidates from political parties, especially the big political parties who obviously has a lot of experience in the Presidential election. And the last, another disadvantage is that if an independent candidate was elected President later it is highly possible lack of control against the president. This is because the President is not a person or a party member so that the parties no longer can control directly.
And finally the conclusion is. Independent candidate is make Indonesia more democracy, but independent president candidate is not suitable to be applied, because there is many weaknesses. So, the best recommendation I can give to fix this problems is, the public discontent with the political parties must be solve immediately, political parties must improve they capability, and then make a significant change to change public opinion, so discourse independent president candidate who appears to the public will disappear by self, and then the public confidence in political parties will back by self. Thank you for your attention. Are there any questions? I would like to answer by my pleasure.