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Lowongan Kerja Designer (DSG)

Lowongan Kerja Designer (DSG) di Jakarta Raya.
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PT Lee Cooper Indonesia


PT Lee Cooper Indonesia, a retail garment company, with Vision of ‘To Be The Most Desirable’

 If you have the passion of The MissionTo Deliver Our Utmost to All Stakeholder’ and can bring along The Values of :‘Thirst for Learning, Innovation, Embrace Diversity, Togetherness, Young at Heart andTake Ownership’, then you might be the right person we are looking for to fill in the position of     Are you the RIGHT one that we are looking for? 

Designer (DSG)
Jakarta Raya


  • Active English will be an advantage
  • Computer literate, able to use coreldraw, photoshop, excel  and word
  • Fresh graduate is welcomed but with passion in jeanswear and denim
  • Has an awareness ininternational fashion
  • Has an enthusiasm infashion

The Architecture Stack is the backbone of the company, illustrating the philosophy and the mindset of all decision- makings and actions taken.

Mision To deliver our most to give values to all stakeholders Vision To be the most desirable Core Values Thirst for Learning Innovation Embrace Diversity Togetherness Young at Heart Take Ownership Position Statement Products delivered to be the most desirable to possess; Company to be the most desirable to work for, to work with and to be a part of. Value Proposition Take ownership and groom ourselves to be the best leaders, performing as a champion team, delivering our most to give values to all stakeholders. Tagline The Best of the Best     The Mission Statement along with the Value Proposition demonstrated our purpose of being and how we deliver.

Take ownership and groom ourselves to be the best of the best leaders, performing as a champion team, delivering our most to give values to all  stakeholders.

It is not about my job description or what I was asked to do.  It is about me taking ownership to initiate what I needed to do to achieve our goal.  It is my word, my integrity and my reputation that I will constantly improve my job performance to contribute towards our goal.  

Managing people is a task of impossible.  Being managed is indeed humiliating and belittle. Tasks, priorities, activities are to be managed.  We can only be led by great leadership.  

Simply being good enough is the biggest enemy of becoming the best.  We aim to be the best of the best.  Good enough is not good enough for us.

A team of champions we may be but it is performing as a champion team that we want to be.  It is the spirit of teamwork that we carry.  “Together Everybody Achieves More”.

It takes all stakeholders to put in their best in order to be able to achieve the most.  Indeed the rewards shall then be shared amongst us all as stakeholders.

Our Vision acts as a beacon to guide us to the direction where we strive to be. Along with the Positioning Statement, it clearly indicates how we want to measure ourselves against.
To be the Most Desirable
The products that we deliver to be the most desirable to possess.

The Company to be the most desirable to Work For, To Work With, and To Own.

The Core Values capture our culture, our DNA.  They act as our filter for all processes.  We carry 6 Core Values that define who we are.

o   Thirst for Learning

It is humbling when we truly understand how big the world is.  It has more to teach than any one person can take in a single lifetime.  But we are willing to try.  Our most valuable asset is wisdom gained through our appetite for knowledge and the transformational experiences that we can share with our peers.  A thirst for learning leads to an open mind and an open mind leads to greater opportunity.

o   Innovation

We constantly challenge the norm and appreciate that the only thing that will never change is “change”. Constantly coming up with creative and constructive ideas, thinking out of the box to overcome challenges, and to continuously seek for improvement.

o   Embrace Diversity

Every one of us is unique.  In other word, we are all different. It is this diversity that brings flavour to our lives. The more diverse we are, the more flavour we add into our lives.  The more we embrace the diversity, the more we add to our knowledge.

o   Togetherness

Having a team of champions is only ideal when all champions work together as a team. Together Everybody Achieves More, the very TEAM spirit is what a champion team carries.  We cover each other’s weaknesses and convert them into our strengths.   

o   Young at Heart

It is all about energy, the power generator of everything.  We matured over the years and get wiser, but our heart stays forever young and filled with energy.

o   Take Ownership

Our word, our reputation in delivering our promises, integrity is everything.  It is not about do what I was told.  It is about taking the initiative to deliver whatever it is necessary to achieve our goal.

With the above mindset and philosophy, our company’s culture encourages all stakeholders to continuously strive for improvement, grooming people within, creating a business environment where everybody wins.   If you are now sure that you are the one that we are looking for, then please email your resume with current photograph to :   (put the Code as the email subject. No Code written, email will be deleted automatically)    
" Only short-listed candidates will be invited via e-mail/phone for Test and Interview "

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