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[Media_Nusantara] East Java Prosecutor's Office Investigate Fraud & Corruption HP Printer Brand Education 14 billion in Probolinggo


East Java Prosecutor's Office Investigate Fraud & Corruption HP Printer Brand Education 14 billion in Probolinggo

Currently high Prosecution East Java were investigating cases of alleged corruption education fund Rp. 14 billion in Probolinggo regency, East Java. In the corruption case, there are also indications of printer products from well-known, the HP brand printers.

Some time ago, counterfeit HP printer brand was sticking to the surface, with the letters to the editor and news in various media. Where in the market found the HP printer with a 1000s type infonya have more advanced specification than the previous type HP printer type 1000. With the packaging and leaflet which states that type HP 1000s it had more sophisticated specifications, then type HP 1000s is sold at a price much more expensive even to 2-fold compared with the previous type HP printer type 1000.

In the news & opinion letter that had appeared in the media, it is known that type 1000s HP printer is a printer type 1000 which is identified as a distinct item, but the real goods are the same. This can be determined by entering the serial number of the printer type mounted in the 1000s printer memory to be checked on the list of printers HP brand products, which if included serial number, the serial number indicated does not appear on the list type and specifications of the product. However, if the serial number attached then it is removed, then there is a serial number that had been covered (to appear), and if the number is typed on the list mer HP printer products, the serial number that appears is the printer type 1000 type 1000 with specifications .

How many losses due to counterfeiting Indonesia consumer product? as an illustration, the price of the HP type 1000 is about Rp.200 - Rp 300 thousand. While the price of HP printers that were given the label type is about Rp.550 1000s - Rp.700 thousand. And Indonesia's estimated HP printers labeled type circulating 1000s more than 250 thousand units. And the most outstanding in the procurement of goods for the quality of education and procurement by government offices in areas financed by funds from the budget, budget etc..

News counterfeit HP printer products brand was sticking out and it was gone like news tiba2 swallowed by the earth, so it is not known who the perpetrators of fraud, if the forger is the manufacturer / distributor of HP itself to jack up the price with false info on the 1000s that the printer is an advanced product at higher prices, or there are other parties involved.

Over time, the investigation of alleged corruption in the education fund for the procurement of the quality of education in the form of provision of ICT (Information & Computer Technology) for more than 500 elementary school (SD) in the district Probolinggo conducted in 2012 were financed by state funds, cases of suspected fraud HP printer reappears.

Actually, in 2012, the case was handled by the LTO (Public Service Commission) East Java, as it relates to public service, where there are government funds should be used properly, ie, to public service, in this case the quality of education. But maybe public service oversight agencies such as the LTO and the Ombudsman considered toothless, then by the district Probolinggo existence of institutions like that tend to be underestimated and unappreciated. So any recommendations or findings from such institutions tend to be ignored, because when he got off the stricken area is almost no Probolinggo district officials were ignored, even away impressed.

Therefore, the current level of corruption allegations 14 billion is now dealt with by the High Court of East Java. Of the inquiry, investigation and information gathering conducted law enforcement officials, an indication that corruption includes several things:

1. Suspected counterfeit HP printer brands to make the price markup

2. Printed computer networking equipment and devices that should be sent to 558 elementary school apparently thought only sent to 515 elementary, but paid worth some 558 schools

3.a. The alleged improper notice to cover allegations of corruption by stating that the product is held for 558 elementary schools in the district that have received recognition Probolinggo / award from the Center for Information & Communication Technology Education (Pustekom) Ministry of National Education. The possibility of incorrect information is presented is to cover up the alleged counterfeit products, products that are not appropriate procurement specifications and alleged markup etc.

3.b. The issue of ratification / award of Pustekom itself has been denied by the Ministry of National Education Pustekom 1361/P1.1/LL/2012 numbers in his letter dated 12 April 2012, which stated that it is not right for such a product has been approved by the Pustekom. And this is also questioned by the LTO in East Java. But what is conveyed by the Ministry of National Education and LTO Java Pustekom ignored by officials in Probolinggo district, the fact that the delivery of ICT equipment financed by the state budget for a school district Probolinggo, symbolic handover by Regent Probolinggo then Mr. Hasan Aminuddin on July 24 2012 at the Islamic Center, Kraksaan Probolinggo (as well as daily news bhirawa July 25, 2012)

How after the case is now handled by the High Court of East Java?

For the latest developments of the case as well as for more detailed information please contact:

1. Mr, Rashid (Head of Education Probolinggo when this case occurred) HP: 081 336 690 020
2. Eko Wahyudi, chairman of the procurement officer, HP: 081336719936
3. Aris, officials conducting procurement contracts, mobile: 08155945989
4. Roni, a witness who has examined the High Court of East Java, HP: 085234539107
5. Afif SB, a witness who has examined the High Court of East Java, HP: 085733888850
6. Rochmadi, Ka Investigation Prosecutor East Java, Mobile: 08115822028
7. Hadley Stefano, Nuning Rodiyah of KPP Java, Mobile: 08123570231; 082140206869

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